Editorial: Love them or hate them, Chinese HTs and mobiles have made significant inroads in the American market for amateur radio. No doubt pricing plays a major role. For example, a popular Baofeng model HT is the UV-5R. It is a basic dual-band HT, and Amazon sells it for $27! Compare that to Yaesu’s FT60r HT; Amazon sells it for $170. And even that price is down from what is was just a few years ago when the FT60 sold for well over $200.

Note: The name Baofeng is changing. According to information on the Baofeng’s US distributor’s website, Baofeng radios exported from China will be branded as Pofung. They will remain branded as Baofeng internally for China. The rational given is that Baofeng is too hard to pronounce for most non Chinese and is actually the pinyon transliteration of the Chinese symbol meaning Baofeng. Bottom line – Baofeng = Pofung and vise-versa.

Baofeng Manual Programming Guide   [ PDF ]

Preface – According to Baofeng’s US distributor, all Baofeng HTs follow the same procedure for programming from the keypad.

Presented here are the steps the US Baofeng distributor, BaofengTech.com, states for manually programming all Baofeng HTs.

Step 1 – Set the HT to frequency (VFO) mode. The HT must be in VFO mode to program. Some HTs have a VFO/MR button, for others, turn off the radio. Press and hold the MENU button and turn the HT on. The radio will respond with “Frequency Mode.”

Step 2 – Set the HT to the upper display. Programming only works if using the upper display. If the HT has an A/B button, press it. If the HT does not, then press the EXIT button to change between upper and lower display.

Step 3 – Turn off TDR (dual watch mode)

MENU / 7 / MENU / select OFF / MENU / EXIT

Step 4 – Choose an empty memory channel number to store the new frequency settings in. To clear a memory channel, use the following key sequence:

MENU / 28 / MENU / enter desired channel number / MENU / EXIT

Step 5 – Select transmit CTCSS (or DCS).

MENU / 13 (or 12 for DCS) / MENU / select desired tone / MENU / EXIT

Step 6 – Input the receive frequency – remember to use the upper display.

Enter the receive frequency, then / MENU / 27 / MENU / enter channel number / MENU / EXIT

Note: It is not necessary to enter the transmit frequency when setting up a channel for simplex, as the HT will automatically use the receive frequency for transmitting.

Step 7 – Input the transmit frequency

Enter the transmit frequency in the upper display / MENU / 27 / MENU / enter channel number / MENU / EXIT

To return to memory mode, press the VFO/MR button if there is one, if not, turn the HT off, press and hold the MENU button while turning the HT on again. HT will respond with “Channel mode.”

* * *

[PC programming using Chirp goes here – to be written and tested. Also will be available in PDF.]

Baofeng MENU definitions

The following list gives detailed information on the meaning of each setting in the MENU of the Baofeng model given. These are PDF files and may be down loaded as long as original author information is maintained. Many thanks to James Unroe, KC9HI, for his dedicated work on these documents.