This is a review of a recently purchased Baofeng HT. The model is UV-8R and is capable of an 8-watt output.

. larger form factor as compared to the UV-5R series
. larger buttons – easier to hold
. programs using the UV-5R programming cable and Chirp
. fast scanner function
. audio quality has been improved and uses a 1-watt audio amp
. built-in FM radio and flash light

. extra/replacement battery appears not to be available – ebay lists some, but they do NOT fit this HT.

73, N7TWL


Image result for uv-8hp

This review is for the UV-8HP as purchased from Amazon. The form factor is similar to the UV-8R above except the style is less rectangular and has ribs over the speaker area. The output power has three ranges: 1 watt, 4 watts, and 8 watts.

. all the pros of the UV-8R
. if you follow the Amazon link above, you will see that $50 gets the radio, all the accessories, including the 17″ antenna, and an extra battery. Use the available 10% off coupon and get it for $45! The accessories come with the programming cable and it worked fine with my Windows 8.1 Nextbook tablet computer, using Chirp. I have not tried the included Baofeng software, but that’s on my to-do list.

Cons – none so far.

A note about programming Baofeng HTs – look under the Resources menu for programming and Baofeng HTs, and you’ll find a cheat-sheet for manually programming your Baofeng. It turns out that all the Baofeng HTs use the same procedure.

73, N7TWL