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6 step programming 706MKII – IC-706MKII.pdf
AA9PW FCC Exam Practice – Morse Code Practice
AC6V ~ Morse Code Programs
Amateur Radio Protocol – Google Search
AmateurLogic Ham College
APRS was developed by Bob Bruninga,WB4APR1wqrlinkradio.com
ARRL_Basic Antennas.pdf
ASCII Table – Morse code and generator
BG7NYT/Koch Morse at master · netkiller/BG7NYT · GitHub
BIRD Discontinued Product Support | Discontinued Bird Product Manuals | Bird – The RF Experts
BIRD wattmeter RF Power Measurement, wattmeters, elements, line sections, slugs, dummy loads, QC connectors, watt meter, attenuator
Crystal microphone cartridge – electronic parts | Electronic Components Elcodis.com
CWops Resources
DIAGRAM.com.ua ~ Technical documents for amateurs and professionals. Schematic diagrams, service manuals, repair information
Dick Smith K6313 Amplifier – Bing
Direction Finding Rules – Swindon & District Amateur Radio Club
Download – Additional Software ~ BktSoftware
DX Atlas: Amateur Radio software
Free Yaesu Diagrams, Schematics, Service Manuals :: Schematics Unlimited
G4FON Morse Code
G4FON program description guidelines – Google Search
Ham Radio – Good Operating Practices and Procedures For the Ham Bands! AJ4D
Ham Radio Humor – Internet and Radio: Humor
Ham Radio Programming Cheat Sheets
Ham Radio Talk – Google Search ~ ETIQUETTE
Hastings Electronics and Radio Club Archive
Home – Ham Radio Deluxe
How can I determine the version options for a ICOM IC-706 MK II ? Is there a chart ? – Google Search
H ow do you generate non-standard characters, in Morse code? – Google Search – Look at the ‘ Character Map‘ function contained with-in your computer ~ It’s AMAZING
How to troubleshoot VHF RF Amplifier http://www.k5pa.com/
IC706_BKT Icom IC-706 IC-718 CAT Control – BktSoftware
ICOM – N4PY Software
Icom 706 programming | QRZ Forums
Icom America – Knowledge Base Article 63AE624429
Icom CAT / CT17 CIV Interfaces
ICOM IC-706 – Radio Equipment: HF Transceivers: DX Zone
Icom IC-706 :i1wqrlinkradio.com
ICOM IC-706 tuning knob tensioner adjustment – Bing
IcomProgrammmer II
Illegal radio VKHAM advertising stopped and hams visited | Amateur Radio Victoria
International Phonetic Alphabet – Bing
Just Learn Morse Code
KB1OIQ – K1IG – Wordsworth download | SourceForge.net
Kenwood Radio Manuals – Hastings Electronics and Radio Club
KN2C DF-2020T Doppler – Bing
KN2C Doppler ~ ddf2020t – Google Search
Learning and Using Morse Code, by Bob Nellans
mods.dk -> Instruction, users and service manuals for ~ Registration required – some limitations
Morse Code – Second Life Wiki
Morse Code – Software: Morse Code Training
Morse Code CW practice – Dogpile Web Search
Morse Code Translator
Morse Code Translator – Decrypter – Decoder, Encoder, Solver1 C W R Morse.pdf
N5DUX Ham Radio PDFs tremendous database .
n5dux ham radio pdfs – Google Search
NATO Phonetic Alphabet – Wikipedia
NTE Cross Reference for ICs – Bing
PA3BWKs Ultimate Morse Code Web site
Programming software for Icom IC-706 Mk II – Google Search
Radio Manual .eu
Rons Guide to the joy of Morse Code
RU ~ Schematics of radios :: Schematic of programmer :: Radio Programming soft :: User Manual :: Service Manual
CI-V interface Icom – Google
Shortcuts to program Amateur Radios – Bing
Test Equipment, Amatuer Ham Radio and CB schematics for Download
The Ham Whisperer: Morse Code Course
Tips for Learning Morse Code – GW6ITJ Amateur Radio Site
Tonto Amateur Radio Association – Amateur Radio on the Mogollon Rim
TSCM DDF2020T Review and Modifications
USB CI-V Icom Interface for ICOMs
VKHam – Register / Login
W5NOR – SCARS: N5HZR LearnMorse Code Web Tool
W8WWV Yet Another ICOM CI-V Interface: i1wqrlinkradio.com
WA8DBW ~ RLC-Club_Programming
Welcome to Python.org
WP4AOH: Baofeng UV-5R Overview and Manual Programming
Y aesu FT-100 and FT-100d Download page :: Schematics Unlimited
Bing Maps – Directions, trip planning, traffic cameras & more
Bird Line Section nm3e.com ~ DLS-CDI-08-12-10.jpg
NM3E Bird Equipment Needs
Couplers – Loads ~ 443 Comp Catalog 17.qxp – 443-BTG-COMP.pdf
The Repeater Builders Technical Information Page  Lots of Data
Rules & Regulations for Title 47 | Federal Communications Commission – 26 JUL 2017
International Morse Code ~ SC PLILLIPS
M orse code translator – Google Search
Convert morse code to text – Converters
Morse Code Translator
Morse Code Adaptive Audio Decoder
M orse code Audio Reader software – Google Search
BIRD Model 782-BGC.pdf
AzRepeaters.Net – Repeater Data – Extensive – Better than ARCA database
RigPix Database – Schematics, manuals Photos
Ham Radio School.com
Guide to Using the Baofeng UV-5R | Essex Ham
mods.dk -> Instruction, users and service manuals for
Home – CHIRP
QUANZHOU LEIXEN ELECTRONICS CO., LTD – Another Chinese transceiver manufacturer Database
NAOMI ~ MapAbility for Map Resources and Overlay Mapping – a Practical Alternative to GIS Mapservers.
Preemption of Home Owners Associations – regarding Amateur radio Antennas – Bing
Amateur Radio Parity Act” (H.R. 1301) – Bing
APRS: Automatic Packet Reporting System
B utternut antennas – Bing
B utternut Antennas – Google+
Bencher, Inc Antennas and Paddles
Bird Equipment Needs ~ Including Bird meters case cases dummy load loads decibel products Models – 4304 4304a 6734 6734a 6736 1864 8264 6736-300 6154 6151 8890 8890-300 DB4303 DB4303B 4303 4303B 8135 8892 8892-300 8141 8201 8401 8251 8833 8833-300 8860 8431 8164 8080 termaline RF sampler sniffer samplers sniffers termalines tenaline termaline attenuator attenuators meter NM3E
Amateur Radio : Ham Radio Deluxe 5.2 Free Version !! Bing Maps – Directions, trip planning, traffic cameras & more Geocontext-Profiler – create a topographic
COMPUTER FOLDER ~ edited to exclude non-Amateur related Websites, sources.
Audacity printable manual – Google Search  – Versitile Software handy for Amateur Radio, etc.
Documentation | Audacity®
FileHippo.com – Download Free Software
FreeCAD: An open-source parametric 3D CAD modeler
Getting Started – Audacity Manual
How to Sort a LOTUS spreadsheet data – Bing
How to use DjVu Viewer – Bing
https://www.fosshub.com/IrfanView.html/irfanview_plugins_444_setup.exe Very Handy Program.
Lotus SmartSuite Forum : RE: Smartsuite User Manual
MajorGeeks.Com – Computer Software
Malwarebytes | Free Anti-Malware & Internet Security Software
Microsoft Download Center
Ping test – Bing
Real Geek Forums – Powered by vBulletin
Unzipping the Manual – Audacity Manual
Super USB WiFi Antenna 3 – High Power Long Range 802.11 B G N Wireless > Antennas > WiFi Antennas | C. Crane
NETGEAR Wireless USB Adapter WG111v3 – Google Search
Conversion of Measurement Units Handy
Linux.com – News for the open source professional
Main Page – Linux Mint
Introduction to Linux – A Hands on Guide, Free Machtelt Garrels Guide
CNET Download.com ~ SIGN-IN
The Tech Terms Computer Dictionary
Webopedia: Online Tech Dictionary for IT Professionals
filehippo download – Bing
MS Paint Manual – Google Search The Microsoft basic CAD program is handy for basic purposes.
Search results – Microsoft Download Center
how to post an article on the internet – Google Search
how to use wordpress to make a website – Google Search
Posting to the Internet – Google Search
Where to post my pictures, movies, or other files online for free?
Create a site with WordPress
Create a free blog — WordPress.com
WordPress.com Plans | WordPress.com Store
Support — WordPress.com
Lista-script-Labeling software ~ User Guide.pdf
Convert or export PDFs to other file formats, Adobe Acrobat
Free CAD Programs – Bing
DIAGRAM.com.ua ~ Diagrams – Technical documentation – for amateurs and professionals. Schematic diagrams, service manuals, repair information
ExpressPCB – SCH Folder Extensive CAD program for drawing Schematics, etc.
How to read electronic schematics – Bing
Layout Wiring Diagrams | Free Engine Schematic & All About Wiring Diagram
Service Manuals.net
NiMH Battery Packs 2.4-48V
BatteryMart.com – The Best Value in Batteries!
All Electronics | Electronic and Electro-Mechanical Parts and Supplies at Discount Prices
Electronic Surplus – Electrical, Electronics & Electromechanical Supplies
RIGOL Technologies, Inc.
Bk Precision 1045B Telephone Product Tester
Used/New RF and Microwave Electronic Test Equipment and Parts
BIRD RF Wattmeters | 4304A, Fixed 25-1000 MHz | Bird Technologies
BIRD RF Power Meters
Repeater-Builder ~ Index of Technical Information and Modifications for Bird Electronic Test Equipment Extensive Database
Amateur Radio – How to use a RF Sampler Element – Bing
#72: Simple Station Monitor for Ham Radio using an Oscilloscope – Bing video
VLF Receiver | XiVero GmbH
Arduino Projects List – About 1500 Arduino List of Projects which Use Arduino
Apache Reclamation and Electronics, INC.: Shop Online at apachereclamationandelectronics.com
Build a Bat Detector – Nuts & Volts Magazine – For The Electronics Hobbyist ~ might work for Corona Static RF Interferance
LED light schematics – Google Search
Wiring LEDs Correctly: Series & Parallel Circuits Explained
Resistor for 2 parallel led lights operating from 13.8 Vdc Calculator – Google Search
CWOS weather station – Payson Az – Bing -Civilian Weather Observation Stations
CWOP weather stations – Payson Az – Bing
Wikimapia – Let's describe the whole world!
Weather Stations Near 34.34733 -111.14327
Maps and Records of Survey, downloadable Parcel Maps, Plat Maps or Records of Survey
Gila County, Arizona Public Records Directory
Network Scan Data – Ord11_03StreetNamingandPropertyNumbering.pdf
Network Scan Data – Outdoor_Light_Control_Ordinance.pdf
Gila County GIS Parcel Search
Index of ftp://ftp.gilacountyaz.gov/Public/Assessor/Parcel
G ila county, Az Locations, by street names – Google Search
ARIZONA – State Of
AZ DOT Geographic and Functional Maps
TRSAR Area Topographic Quadrangles
TRSAR-Google Maps
MANUALS FOLDER- includes some non-Amateur manuals
Casio 1477 ~ DBC150-1 – Databank – Mens, Womens, Ladies, Digital, Analog, Watches | CASIO America, Inc.
AOR AR2500 service manual | servicemanuals.net
AOR PDF Operating Manuals / Instruction Sheets | Download Area | Support | AOR U.S.A., INC. Authority On Radio Communications
G1TBP Service Manuals.pdf
RU Manuals ~ Use the Translator Function for this Website – Unless you are fluent in Russian
RadioShack / Realistic amateur radios – RigReference.com
Navy Radio Test Equipment
Manuals – KO4BB
Download free user manuals for Classic Casio watches, Casio instruction manuals
GIMP Manual 2.8.2 released – GIMP – Not for everyone
GIMP – Tutorials
Instruction manuals and user guides
hzsupport.com – Bing
LG Manuals & Documents| LG U.S.A
Rechargeable Batteries & Battery Chargers – 110V AC to 3.7V DC Li-ion Battery Charger
Surplus & Sales of NebraskaSurplus items of ALL KINDS
Woodys Radio Museum Photos
Instructables – DIY How To Make Instructions Really handy DIY Projects – Ideas – ETC
Metric Units – S.I., the International System of Units (SI)
Map Share™ Reporter
C oleman Pro Generator 5 KW Manual – Google Search If you are an owner of a generic generator – this may be handy.
List of U.S. states and territories by area – Wikipedia
Topographic Mapping Software Reviewed
GoFundMe: #1 for Crowdfunding & Fundraising Websites
World Distance Calculator , Distance Between Cities, Distance Chart
Length of Land Boundaries Border Countries by Country
Guardians US edition | The Guardian
Guardian US – Google Search
A Network of Public Interest Justice Centers – Appleseed
Fox News – Breaking News Updates | Latest News Headlines | Photos & News Videos
NEWS – Google Search
P aysonroundup.com
NARCAP National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena ~ UFOs
NARCAP and unexplained aerial phenomena
Arizona Interagency Wildfire Information
InciWeb the Incident Information System: ARIZONA Incidents
The Wildland Fire Assesment System (WFAS)
#AZFire Tweets | WildfireAZ.com
Global Incident Map Displaying Forest Fires – Wildland Fires – Etc
Tonto National Forest – Home
Gila County, Arizona Topograhic Maps by TopoZone
T onto national forest map – Bing images
Is Your Analog Scanner Really Obsolete?
Receiver Multicouplers, Passive and Active, HF to VHF/UHF
Downloads – Sixspot Software
Icom programming software – CHIRP Radio Software
Feeding Multiple Scanner Radios from One Antenna – EMCOMM Journal – N5FDL Amateur Radio and Emergency Communications
VLF receiver – Bing
Cross Country Wireless SDR-4+ LF low frequency receiver
Broadcastify – LIVE Police, Fire, EMS, Aircraft, and Rail Audio Feeds ~ Scanner Listener – Extensive U.S.A. coverage – Delayed UNLESS you subscribe.
Doppler-to-APRS Front Page
STREAMING MOVIES FOLDER – For when you multitask your listening and viewing entertainment. Most FREE – Computer speed dependent – Wifi Access Point helps – Refresh Rate can be annoying.
Welcome to OMT B-Classics!
Watch Series Online Free – WatchSeries.CR
Welcome to Old Movie Time
DivX Video Software | Free Video Software | DivX Format | DivX.com
Old Movie Time
Watch Movies Online Free – 123movies.to
Putlocker – Watch Movies Online Free – Putlocker.is – Putlockers.ch
Top 15 Websites To Watch Movies Online Without Registration – Trick Seek
Top Documentary Films – Watch Free Documentaries Online Very good.
PBS: Public Broadcasting Service Very good.
PBS: Browse Videos
SAS Survival Secrets – Top Documentary Films
My VUDU – Sign In / Sign Up
Dorman™ | OE Quality Replacement Auto Parts – CARiD.com
Eastwood Auto Restoration Blog – Free How-to Automotive Tech Advice for Everything DIY Automotive
Electrical Hardware, Electrical Connectors, Electrical Tape, Fuses & Wire
SpaceWeather.com — News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids
Heavens-Above – Astronomical Info
Payson, AZ (85541) 10-Day Weather Forecast – The Weather Channel | Weather.com
WXSpots – Severe Weather Now! Featuring WXWarn Free Weather Software!
Alert for Gila; Yavapai (Arizona) Issued by the National Weather Service
NWS Enhanced Radar Mosaic: Southern Rockies Sector Loop
Wx Spots download – Google Search
Sunrise and sunset times in Payson, AZ
Civilian Weather Observation System (CWOS)  Weather conditions, just about everywhere. Some have ‘webcam’s.
How to use Google Maps offline ? – Google Search
Google Maps – Google Search
Download MapSphere – Mapping Software for Windows Handy
MapSphere FAQ
List of GIS data sources – Wikipedia
Payson South USGS map at DuckDuckGo
Payson North USGS map at DuckDuckGo
Payson North, AZ Topographic Map – TopoQuest
HeyWhatsThat Path by dxzone.com
Terrain profiling software at DuckDuckGo
Amateur Radio : Ham Radio Deluxe 5.2 Free Version !! Bing Maps – Directions, trip planning, traffic cameras & more Geocontext-Profiler – create a topographic
UFO FOLDER  { So you think the Border Patrol has problems dealing with ‘illegal aliens’, just wait until ? }  
Natl Invest Comm on Aerial Phenomena~ Official NICAP Web Site
Fifty-Six Aircraft Pilot Sightings Involving E-M Effects – Haines