Until I started using cw and digital modes, I pretty much identified with the saying, “life is too short for qrp”. When got into S.O.T.A.(see summits on the air page), I found that spotting can also make the difference to successful low power , compromised antenna ops.



Elecraft KX2 seems to the favorite many S.O.T.A. activators. A very tiny self contained station even available with internal auto tuner.(https://elecraft.com/products/kx2-ssb-cw-data-80-10-m-transceiver)

Yaesu ft817ng. oldie but goodie. I have one and would not part with but rx current high at about 400ma.Internal keyer No auto tuner.(https://www.yaesu.com/indexVS.cfm?cmd=DisplayProducts&ProdCatID=102&encProdID=06014CD0AFA0702B25B12AB4DC9C0D27)

Mtr5b- tiny 6oz. mountain topper 4w out 30ma rx drain!Internal keyer No auto tuner.(https://www.lnrprecision.com/store/MTR5B-Mountain-Topper-p64137720)

I use qrp guys endfed halfwave (https://qrpguys.com/products)  with 66ft wire. Tunes 40 20m for radios w/o tuner. kx2 can use 1:49 endfed balun.

more accessories at-https://www.sotabeams.co.uk/

morse key-www.palm-radio.de/

Gary Lust ae7ov