These small, cheap ($35 for b+), one board computers are very development friendly and the focus of many radio projects. Some of my demos will feature the rpi a low cost dedicated platform so that a regular pc is not needed, just a monitor and keyboard. Digital modes and sdr software are supported. Headless wireless control will be shown, using VNC client and viewer. A micro-sd memory card serves as the hard drive and ,class 10, is the fastest now. 4G is big enough to hold just about everything you could want.

You’ll need to download OS for the raspberry pi (arm), program for writing image to SD, and program available for the pi.


Prepare SD card

Digital mode software



FLDIGI – this link describes how set up rpi and and install wsjt-x and fldidgi

The 3b+ is also capable of running sdr dongles. I have tested mine with the funcube dongle proplus v2 and rtl2832 using gqrx for the pi.

Complete digital station, rasperry pi ,signalink usb, magloop, and ft817

Gary Lust ae7ov