Summits On The Air (S.O.T.A.)

One of the biggest reasons that I wanted to learn cw was to participate in this. SOTA, of U.K. origin, is truly a international event, with a  large number of peaks right here in Arizona. Activators set-up portable station within 80ft elevation of peak (gps helpful), and chasers provide contacts that score points for both depending on the peak (10pts. max).

Before activation, an alert can be posted, then when activator is on the peak and ready call CQ, he can generate a spot, (usually android app or aprs), so chasers know exactly where to find him. This is very important for successful QRP ops. CW, SSB, and digital modes are all accepted.




My first activation was W7A/CS-020, located about midway on the 300 road. Several peaks are located near us, here in rim country.

FT817 and endfed antenna tuner at Strawberry Mtn. ,W7A/GI-014, activation.

I would welcome newbees or old timers to try this .


Gary Lust AE7OV