Amateur Radio visitors! Welcome to the town of Payson Arizona. The Tonto Amateur Radio Association, (TARA), now has a YAESU Fusion C4FM WIRES-X, Node. This Node is free for your use, and provides worldwide communications with linking through the Internet. All you need to access this Node is a C4FM capable radio such as a Yaesu FTM-400/XDR mobile – base transceiver, or a Yaesu FT2D handheld radio. Also a DV4-mini can be used. This equipment is carried by HRO Phoenix, Arizona.

The operating frequency of this Node is 145.130 MHz simplex with the DSQ off. This “NODE” can be connected to any Yaesu “ROOM” worldwide, by simply entering the five digit “ROOM” number from the keypad on your radio. Each Node and Room has an assigned number from Yaesu. The Payson Node is 30432 under a call sign of WA6DNT/7. You can access the Payson node by dialing up 145.130 MHz simplex, and pushing the “X” button on the radio and entering 30432. If you tune to 145.130 MHz using a standard analog FM transceiver, you will hear the rushing noise of the C4FM digital voice (DV) audio, if the node is currently on the air, transmitting DV while connected to a “Room” on the Internet. . The DV signal you are most likely listening to, will be from the Minnesota-Wisconsin Net Room, which is one of the most active “Rooms” in the US with typically 50 to 120 active users. The Payson Node has a “return to room” function turned on. If a Payson user has moved the node to some other room, after a period of inactivity, the node will return to the Minnesota-Wisconsin Net Room, (MNWIS-Fusion Room 21493). This Room has a Yaesu Fusion net on Monday nights at 1930CST (1830MST-Arizona time) and they will take and answer questions from Yaesu Fusion users, and the net is very informative. If you only have a standard FM transceiver, you might well be asking how can I listen in to this net and learn about the Yaesu Fusion wires X communications??! The MNWIS Room 21493, has you covered, by providing a website with a “Listen Live” button. Simply go to: “”, and click on the “listen live” button. There is also useful information available on this website:

Presentations: “Why digital? – simple and powerful” by Chris Peterson K9EQ
Fusion Help: “The Wires-X Bible” by WB7OEV “a real time map of active Wires-X Nodes”
Yaesu Fusion Blog “Hints & Help”.

Wires-X Node operating procedures: because the node operates on simplex, once connected, users can only “break in” to a DV Internet conversation, by waiting for a pause or “turn over” period when the node is not transmitting. Only then can you transmit and announce your call sign and presence. Wires-X users welcome stations breaking in, and allow about five seconds in between transmissions to allow for breakers. Also remember that DV has a 1 to 2 second latency, so key up for two seconds before talking and continue transmitting for two seconds after you stop talking. The Wires-X radio display will show the call sign you are listening to. Name and miles distant can be shown.

This Payson Node is Monitored and controlled remotely. Any problems should be reported to:

What follows is a sampling of the hundreds of rooms you can connect to:

Room ID Room number Location State Country
Alabama-Link 28933 Alabama USA
America Link 21080 Beaumont Texas USA
AUS-RepeaterNet 24160 Melbourne Victoria Australia
Belgium-North 27035 Oostende Belgium
Colorado-Link 28484 Arvada Colorado USA
CQ-Canada 40678 Nova Scotia Canada
CQUK-UK chat 27793 Pudsey UK
CQ-Sweden 27153 Solano Stockholm Sweden
DL-NordWest 27761 Whittmund Germany
EastPartHB 27060 Sargans St.Gallen Switzerland
Fizit-Rpt 27715 Montruil France
Greece 27494 Athens Greece
Italia-Wires-X 27003 Cassolnovo Lombardy Italy
Italy room 41237 Ogliopo Lombardy Italy
KansasCity 28952 Kansas City Kansas USA
KB0NLY 21228 Tyler Minnesota USA
KP4CJ-TEMG 40219 Tampa Florida USA
LA-Repeater 21042 Mt Wilson-LA California USA
Leo-ARC-Maine 28025 Maine USA
MNWIS 21493 Lino Lakes Minnesota USA
NCTC-Arlington 21209 Ft Worth Texas USA
Nebraska-Hub 21659 Nebraska USA
NWO-ARES 21578 Ontario Canada
Oklahoma-Link 21733 Oklahoma USA
OZ6NOR-BM-Link 41365 Helsingoer Sjaelland Denmark
Poland-Room 27784 Poland
South-MT 21452 Phoenix Arizona USA
Tampa-room 40219 Tampa Florida USA
Texas-Nexus 21636 Texas USA
UK-HUB 27721 UK
W9ZL – Room 40216 Appleton Wisconsin USA
Wisconsin-Link 21667 Wisconsin USA
WiresX-Spain 27187 Spain
Yaesu HQ USA 21002 USA