TARA Repeater Information

Please read and understand TARA Repeater Etiquette <– Here

*NEWS*-Our new antenna is successfully installed on the top tier, 70ft, of the site! ). 


    • Frequency: 147.390 MHz
    • Tone: 100.0 hz
    • Offset: + 600 kHz
    • phone patch available local calls only*
    • C4FM automode dsq off



    • Frequency: 448.775 MHz
    • Tone: 77.0 hz
    • Offset: – 5.0 MHz
    • phone patch available local calls only*
    • C4FM automode dsq off

*Auto patch instructions- depress ptt and id. While keeping ptt down, enter ‘*’ and 10 digit number then release ptt . You should hear dial tone shortly followed by ring. When done, enter ‘#’  and clear to release ap.

TARA Repeater Details

Want to actually see the TARA repeater site? Follow the (BLUE) link below to view raw drone footage.

TARA Repeater Site Fly-by – Taken by Mavic Pro drone with 4k UHD camera.

Video Notes: Please be patient for the video to load. It is high-res and takes a few moments depending upon your Internet connection speed. A bit of glare from propellers can be viewed in the video.  During the first part of the video, you can see both the green water tank and the white antenna tower. TARA’s UHF antenna is located on top of the water tank, and its VHF antenna is located on the antenna tower. Toward the end, you can see the top of 2 small white structures, the left one houses the TARA repeater radio equipment.

Coverage Maps

VHF repeater coverage

UHF repeater coverage


Gary Lust, AE7OV

On the site…

2M Duplexer tanks on top left, battery backup and charger right. Dr1x vhf (top) and uhf below it. RC210 controller is directly under.

We have two YAESU DR1X fusion repeaters set in auto mode. This enables them to switch from C4FM (fusion) to normal FM depending signal first received. In C4FM mode, normal tone squelch is not necessary.


Both UHF and VHF machines are controlled by ARCOM RC210 controller.


Each DR1X uses ADR interface unit that prevents a lock up condition possible with this repeater. Inside the RC210 box, is a AP1  autopatch board allowing phone call with an older style phone system not dependent on internet.



TARA sign on repeater shack. Top left shows coax cables exiting to antennas. Larger is 7/8in heliax for tower (UHF), smaller is for VHF antenna , mounted on water tank.




Installing Tram 1481 on top tier








Our repeater is compatible with Yaesu fusion(C4FM) radios. When radios in a communications group are in this mode, digital information can be shared along with voice. Radios equipped with GPS, such as ft2dr, and will show compass bearing and distance vector as well as callsign of others you are communicating with. This function will work with our TARA repeaters. Very useful to groups such as search and rescue!